Blood is made up of different types of cells like red blood cells (RBC’s), which carries oxygen, platelets which helps in blood clotting and white blood cells (WBC’s) that fight infections. These cells basically comes from stem cells, which have the potential to develop into any type of blood cell as they divide and mature. Problems in this process, known as ‘differentiation’, are at the root of all blood cancers. Different types of blood cancer depend on when and how these problems occur. There are several cancer attacks on these blood cells. The symptoms of blood cancer come on slowly. Therefore we cannot notice them. These problems may lead to your body producing large no. of immature blood cells that are unable to perform their job properly. It can cause ‘clog up’ in bone marrow which prevents other blood cells from doing their function too. Types of blood cancer Leukemia:   Blood cells are created inside bone marrow, and this is place where leukemia starts. In this type o